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Wishing you could help your children with school work, but are unsure in how the curriculum is taught? Feeling unconfident and unpractised in your knowledge of Maths and English? Unsure how to support your children with their learning? Parent Tutor runs sessions for parents, taught by primary school teachers, to empower parents to support their own children's learning, without having to shell out hundreds for 1:1 tutoring. In particular we focus on Year 6 SATs and secondary entrance tests.

Tutoring your own children may seem daunting, but once you've relearned what and how your children are taught, and are given the right resources to use, you'll fly!

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"Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world." Nelson Mandela

We are a group of experienced teachers (and parents), working as Assistant Heads and core subject leaders in and around London.  We were recently shocked by how much a family member was paying for a tutor, and when asked why she didn't tutor her herself, she talked openly about how she didn't know how to, and felt she no longer had the skills to support her daughter's learning. In short, she was out of practice and didn't know how to relearn skills the way they are taught now. This made us reflect on how easy it would be to empower parents with the skills to tutor their own children, saving £100s and bringing families closer together. Hence Parent Tutor.

We run 2 hour sessions, based in London, focusing on either KS2 SATs or secondary entrance tests, and teach parents how their children are taught to tackle each question, and the strategies they are taught to calculate answers. These are active and engaging sessions, in an environment where parents/carers can question, learn and practice skills, empowering them to then go home and tutor their own children. Sample test papers and materials are provided. 



If you've ever looked at a KS2 SATS paper, or a secondary entrance test, you'll realise, they're pretty tough.

We offer KS2 SATs and secondary entrance test support for parents, taught by an experienced teacher; learning how your children are taught and the methods they use. From long division to the difference between subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, and everything in between.

We offer:

2 hour weekend group sessions. This would be 1 hour of Maths and 1 hour of SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) if taking the KS2 SATs session, or 1 hour of verbal and 1 hour of non-verbal reasoning, if taking the secondary entrance test session.

 @ £50 per adult

We also offer 1 hour subject-specific sessions. 

@ £27 per adult

You will get:

Opportunity to learn how children are taught to tackle questions in the tests and ask questions.

Confidence to support your children.

Email support with a response within 48 hours.

Revision materials for children.

Sample test papers + answers.



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Wondering what the difference between adverbial phrases and coordinating conjunctions?

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